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How To Design Your Own T Shirt | Tips On Create Your Own T Shirts

How To Add A Photo or Image To Tee Shirts

     How to Add TEXT to a T shirt - click here
    How To CHANGE FONT SIZE in Text
    How to CHANGE THE COLOUR in our free graphic library
    How to change the TEXT color in a graphic you are using

How To Add TEAM NAMES & Numbers To Jerseys, Singlets and Shirts

How To Find Shirt Sizes & Other Info On Website

You can get all your custom t shirt printing done in Brisbane Australia with us. Just pick your own shirt from our range of clothing

Choose Product

Select a style from our catalog of quality products by premium brands.

Customize your clothes to suit you. WE do any custom printing you ask us to do for you. All work is done in Brisbane Australia and shipped to you direct. If you live in Brisbane you can pick up.

Customize It

Upload your own art file or create a design with our Online Designer

Choose Product

Select the sizes and quanities you wish to order then checkout.

We can get your shirts out to you for any occasion. If you need urgent work done opt for Same Day Printing T shirts.

We Make It

Your order will be produced in our shop then shipped to your door.

Custom Design Your Own Shirts

You Are Ready To Get Started

But Have No Clue How To?


Let me show you how its done with our Online Designer!

How To Design Your Own T Shirt Online Cheap

Learn how important it is to know the difference between the different ways to custom design your T-shirts.

The notes below will help you create cheap custom T-Shirts by selecting the right process to create your own shirt online. (Check video on hwo to use the T-shirt designer)

There are just 3 steps to the process in design and print your own shirts.

* Pick your appararel to print on

* Place your image, designs or TEXT on the garment - size and position it

* Create your order is what you want - then pay with credit or debit card

Thats simple!

Create Now Custom Printed T Shirts

Create Your Design On Garments

The 3 Steps To Designing Your Own Shirt

Choose What You Will Work On

We call this our canvas. Its going to be either your blank tee shirt, tote bad or a polo shirt.We suggest you browse our extensive range of products on our "Get Started Page", select a blank slate to work on and then go creative on your very own masterpiece.

So lets head over to step 2 ...


Here we shall use the Online Designer to take all the guesswork out of this designing process. Its pretty simple. Let me show you how you can add your own text, a fresh design, team names and or images onto the blank canvas.

Adding team names ...
From the designer toolbar click 'Add team names', which will then prompt you to list down all the sizes to be included in the order. In case you forget any orders you can come back and edit this to sort things out. So don't worry. Once you hit next, you can go on to edit each team member's name and number in the order. If you select view the Online Designer will open the editing of that shirt so you can customise it to what you want. After you click OK you can always come back to this screen by selecting 'Edit Teamnames in the Product window to the left of the screen.

Adding images or designs ...
From the toolbar lease select 'Add design'. This will prompt you to upload a design. In case you don't have a design you can always get one from our free stock images.

When you do upload your own images wait until the upload is complete. The upload will depend on your internet speed. Once you uploaded the image you will see a prompt about copyright permission agreement before you proceed to place the image onto your garment.

Once your image is placed on the shirt you will see the image properties such as  image quality meter (how well it will print), background removal, position and effects (including various visual effects and borders). If the image quality meter is red, please note that it may not print as desired, and we suggest finding another.

Adding text on to the t shirt ...
From the Online Designer toolbar select 'Add personalised text'. This will then ask you to type text. Once you added your text you can see the text properties such as font, colour, outline and more. Along with positioning on the garment, as well as text effects (glows and gradients).

How To Use The Online Designer?
Everything you added, text, images, or team names, can be edited and played with in the designer in numerous ways.  Using your mouse or trackpad, you’re also able to resize and reposition all elements you see. From the Locations window to the right, you’re also able to swap between different spots on the garment, front/back or sleeves, etc.

Special tips to get the most out of the Online Designer ...

If you want the best out of your artwork and the final print copy, there are a few things you should always keep in mind:

Image quality & file formats:

Bigger is better! Use this as a good rule of thumb for uploading any image or design for print. Don’t let anyone fool you otherwise.

Saving Artwork:

When creating your own artwork save images in .PNG format for export. Make sure the background is transparent with RGB colour mode at 300 DPI.

Bulk orders: If you’re planning on ordering more than 20 of the same shirts. you may be eligible for a bulk order discount. Get in touch to find out if you make the cut!

Lets move to Step 3 ...



Get Your T-Shirt Printed!
Once you got the designs in place it's time to send us your order so your customized design can be printed at our fullfillment center in Brisbane.

Follow these steps below...

1. Register your account with us. If you already have an account login.
2. Click on update panel on the toolbar so that your cart window pops up giving an order summary of what you are about to place online with us.
3. When ready click check out.
4. Yu will enter the 'Shopping Cart' page. Here if you have a gift coupon code or a gift certificate you can enter those details.
5. Next fill in the billing and shipping details
6. Choose shipping or pickup method. You can choose express shipping if you need to)
7. Proceed to payment page.

Please Note: Before you proceed to payment you will be given an option to place notes to this garment order. Here you can add instructions about your order regarding background removal, delivery notes or a deadline for delivery (unless it's a rush) then you can include it here. This will help us make sure we give you exactly what you need.

8. Finally complete your online order to make sure its on its way to you!

Its fairly simple! In case you still confused do send us an email and we will sort it out for you.


Step 1

How To print T shirts: The first thing to do is pick a shirt to print on

Here you should consider the brand you want to wear, then choose size, style, colour of the garment that will then need to be designed with artwork

Step 2

Load the shirt in our Designer. Add the Image and or TEXT on the shirt

You can change the color of the text, sixe the image and position it exactly where you want the printing on the shirt done.

Step 3

The last step is to check your order to see all is corect with your designs on your tshirts. When happy pay for the order and we will start printing and ship the parcel of shirt to you. You can choose to pick the printing garments up if you live in Brisbane

When choosing print times pick one that suits your time frames. We also doSame Day printing too
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