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Types of Shirts Available

Types of Printing Options

Type Of Fabrics

How to choose fabrics to suit printing

How to Order Shirts

A Guide to Bulk, Urgent, and Special Occasion Printing

Ordering Small or Large Orders

Delivery Options | After Care Options

Portfolio of jobs done and Testimonial

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Which Type of Shirts Is Good For T Shirt Printing In Brisbane

Custom Printed Apparel: Your Ultimate Guide to T-Shirts, Polos, Hoodies, and More

In the bustling world of fashion, custom printed apparel stands out, offering a personal touch that resonates with both individuality and brand identity. This article explores the various types of apparel available for custom printing, including t-shirts, polos, hoodies, and singlets, and delves into popular brands like AS Colour, Gildan, and Next Level.

Versatile T-Shirts: T-shirts are the quintessential canvas for custom printing, beloved for their versatility and comfort. Available in a myriad of styles, from classic crewnecks to trendy v-necks, these garments cater to both casual and formal needs. Popular brands like Gildan offer durable and affordable options, making them a go-to for bulk orders.

Polished Polos: For those seeking a blend of casual and professional, custom-printed polos are the answer. They are perfect for corporate events, golf tournaments, or everyday office wear. Brands like AS Colour provide high-quality polos that ensure both comfort and style. Their range includes options that feature moisture-wicking fabrics, ideal for the Brisbane heat.

Comfortable Hoodies: A favorite in cooler climates, hoodies are the perfect mix of comfort and style. Whether you're looking for a zip-up or a pullover, brands like Next Level offer soft, plush fabrics that make their hoodies a must-have for any casual wardrobe. Custom hoodies are especially popular among university students and tech startups.

Lightweight Singlets: Ideal for the gym or a sunny day out in Brisbane, singlets allow for maximum mobility and breathability. Custom-printed singlets can be sported at marathons, charity events, or as part of a summer uniform. Next Level's singlets are known for their lightweight fabrics and athletic fit, appealing to both men and women.

AS Colour – Style and Substance:

    Staple Tee – Classic and versatile
    Classic Tank Top – Perfect for summer days
    Premium Hoodie – Luxurious and warm
    Base Long Sleeve Tee – Ideal for cooler weather
    Shadow Tee – Modern and sleek
    Ink Long Sleeve Tee – Stylish and functional
    Supply Hood – Minimalist and cozy
    Organic Tee – Eco-friendly and soft
    Tall Tee – Extra length for a trendy look
    Stripe Tee – Timeless pattern

Gildan – Trusted Quality:

    Heavy Cotton Tee – Durable and heavyweight
    Ultra Cotton Tee – Exceptional softness
    Softstyle Tee – Light and sleek
    Performance Tee – Moisture-wicking properties
    Fleece Crewneck – Warm and comfy
    DryBlend Polo – Perfect for active wear
    Hooded Sweatshirt – Classic hoodie style
    Jersey Polo – Soft and business-casual
    V-Neck Tee – Feminine and fashionable
    Long Sleeve Tee – Essential for layering

Next Level – Trendy and Comfortable:

    CVC Crew – Soft blend fabric
    Triblend Tee – Ultra-comfortable
    Racerback Tank – Sporty and chic
    French Terry Crew – Sophisticated comfort
    Thermal Long Sleeve – Great for chilly days
    Festival Tank – Fun and youthful
    Raglan Tee – Athletic appeal
    Zip Hoody – Convenient and stylish
    Muscle Tank – Shows off your gains
    Scoop Tee – Flattering and unique

For special events in Brisbane, consider the climate and the occasion. A lightweight tank or tee is perfect for outdoor summer events, while a cozy hoodie suits cooler evening gatherings. Polos offer a smart-casual look for business events or golf tournaments.

With custom printing, the possibilities are endless. Choose the right style, and let your creativity shine through your wardrobe. Whether for personal use or promotional purposes, custom printed apparel in Brisbane can set you apart and make a statement.

What Are The Differemt Types Of T Shirt Printing

Is Screen Printing The Best for T Shrits

Widely celebrated for its superior durability and color vibrancy, screen printing remains a top choice for large orders. This method involves creating a stencil (or screen) and using it to apply layers of ink on the printing surface. Each color is applied using a different stencil, one at a time, to achieve the final look.

    Ideal for: Bold, vivid designs.
    File types: Vector files (AI, EPS) ensure sharp edges and clear images.
    Turnaround time: Typically 3 to 4 weeks.
    Best for: Large runs due to the setup involved.

screen printing Brisbane

Infomation on DTG and Digital Transfer Printing

The main difference between the two printing methods is that DTF printing requires the use of a special DTF transfer film, while DTG printing prints directly onto the garment. DTF printing eliminates the need for pre-treatment of the fabric, which can save time and money.


Switching gears to digital printing, this method is perfect for those seeking detail and variety in their designs. Digital printing directly applies the ink onto the t-shirt using inkjet technology, making it suitable for designs that involve intricate details or a wide range of colors. DTG or those who aim for the stars with their graphic fidelity, DTG allows for direct printing onto the garment, making it akin to printing on paper but with fabric as the medium.

    Ideal for: High-resolution photographic prints.
    File types: High-resolution PNG or TIFF files work best.
    Turnaround time: 1-5 days; ideal for urgent orders.
    Best for: Small to medium runs and when color precision is crucial.

Heat Transfer Printing Explained

When versatility calls, heat transfer answers. This method involves printing a design onto a special paper and then transferring that image onto the fabric using heat and pressure. It’s particularly useful for custom, on-demand printing.

    Ideal for: Customized or small batch prints.
    File types: Works well with most high-resolution image files.
    Turnaround time: Can be as quick as same-day.
    Best for: Extremely small runs or one-offs.


Dye Sublimation

Leaping into the realm of polyester fabrics, dye sublimation excels. This technique uses heat-sensitive inks that turn into gas when heated, then bond with the fabric to produce a print that is as durable as the fabric itself.

    Ideal for: Full-shirt prints and vibrant, detailed images.
    File types: High-quality JPEG or PNG.
    Turnaround time: 6 weeks.
    Best for: Medium to large runs of polyester garments.

Choosing The Right Color and Urgency

Plunging deeper, when color fidelity is paramount, particularly with intricate graphics or photographs, digital printing and DTG are the pathways to perfection. These methods allow for a broader color palette and closer color matching to the original design.

For urgent needs, digital printing and heat transfer can accelerate the process, delivering products quickly without compromising on quality. These methods are equipped to handle fast turnarounds and smaller, more personalized orders.

The t-shirt printing arena is rich with options, each suited to different needs. From the stalwart screen printing for bulk orders to the precision of DTG for vivid details, choosing the right method depends on your specific requirements in terms of volume, detail, color accuracy, and turnaround time. Armed with the right information, selecting the optimal printing technique for your project can ensure not only satisfaction but also the best visual impact and durability.

How To Know Which Printing Method Suits For Custom Tshirt Printing Needs

Here I will walk you through the process to identify which method of printing or decoration (Embroidery) suits your printing needs. We will discuss the steps you need to take when selecting a printing method, Why a selected method is best for your prints, What garments are best suited for the printing method you just selected, digital file types to use, post care printing instructions and any advantages that would add value to the t-shirt prints.

Unveiling the Process of Direct-to-Garment (DTG) Printing for Shirts

Understanding Direct-to-Garment Printing

Direct-to-Garment (DTG) printing is a modern fabric printing method that sprays ink onto garments using inkjet technology. Much like a regular printer, DTG allows for high-detail designs and a spectrum of colors to be applied directly to clothing. The process begins with selecting a high-quality digital image, which is then processed by specialized software to optimize it for printing. The garment is pre-treated, placed onto the printing machine, and the design is applied directly onto the fabric.

Steps in DTG Printing

    Artwork Preparation: Begin with a high-resolution design file. The clearer the image, the better the print.
    Pre-Treatment: The garment, typically a shirt, is sprayed with a liquid pre-treatment formula that helps the ink bond with the fabric.
    Drying the Pre-Treatment: The pre-treated garment is dried using a heat press to ensure the fabric is ready for ink application.
    Printing: The shirt is placed on the DTG printer's platen. The printer then applies the ink directly onto the fabric using inkjet technology.
    Curing the Ink: Post-printing, the ink on the garment needs to be cured, usually through a heat process, to set the design and ensure durability.

Why DTG Printing is Appealing for Small Printing Runs

    Cost-Effectiveness: DTG eliminates the need for setup fees, making it cost-effective for small batch orders.
    Flexibility in Design: There’s no limitation on the number of colors used or complexity of design, allowing for customization on a per-shirt basis without additional costs.
    Quick Turnaround: DTG printing accommodates rush printing needs due to its straightforward setup and printing process.

DTG printing near me Brisbane

Ideal Garments for DTG Printing

    100% Cotton: The best results are achieved on 100% cotton shirts, which absorb the ink more effectively.
    Light-Colored Fabrics: While DTG can print on both light and dark garments, light-colored fabrics offer the best vibrancy without the need for additional white ink layers.

Advantages of DTG Printing for Small Businesses and Personalized Runs

DTG printing is particularly beneficial for small businesses or individual projects where unique, high-quality prints are needed quickly. The technology supports on-demand printing, meaning you can print garments as orders come in, reducing the risk of excess inventory. Furthermore, the ability to print detailed, multi-colored designs without the need for screens or color separations makes DTG an invaluable tool for designers looking to experiment with intricate patterns and color schemes.

Direct-to-Garment printing revolutionizes how we think about fabric printing, offering unparalleled flexibility and efficiency. Its appeal for small printing runs lies in its cost-effective setup, rapid production turnaround, and ability to produce rich, detailed graphics suitable for various applications, from fashion to promotional merchandise. For anyone looking to step into the world of garment printing, DTG offers a gateway to expanding creative boundaries and responding swiftly to market demands.

Ideal Events for Utilizing DTG Printing in Brisbane

Direct-to-Garment (DTG) printing, with its versatility and quick turnaround times, is perfect for a myriad of events in Brisbane. Here's a look at some specific events where DTG printing can shine:

    Corporate Events and Conferences: Companies hosting gatherings or participating in conferences can use DTG for custom shirts featuring corporate logos or event-specific designs. This is particularly useful for branding and creating a unified team appearance.
    Charity Events and Fun Runs: Charity organizers can produce themed shirts for participants. DTG allows for vibrant, multi-colored designs that can include sponsors' logos or event themes, perfect for fun runs or charity walks.
    Personal Celebrations: For events like birthdays, anniversaries, or retirement parties, DTG is ideal for creating personalized mementos that guests can take home. Each piece can be customized to reflect the event’s unique vibe or the honoree's personality.
    Seasonal Events: Events such as Christmas markets or Halloween parties in Brisbane can benefit from DTG printing to produce seasonal apparel that attendees can wear to get into the spirit of the occasion.
    Special Gifts: For one-off gifts like Mother’s Day or Father’s Day, DTG allows for high-quality, personalized prints on garments, making each gift unique and personal.

Points to Consider When Planning DTG Printing for Events

When planning to use DTG printing for any event, whether it's a large-scale gathering or a personal gift, here are specific points a client should keep in mind:

    Design Quality: Ensure the design files are of high resolution to guarantee the printed images are sharp and clear. Poor quality images can result in blurry or pixelated prints.
    Fabric Choice: Opt for garments that are 100% cotton for the best results. Cotton absorbs the ink better, resulting in brighter and more durable prints.
    Lead Time: Although DTG is fast, always account for production time, especially if you’re ordering large quantities or have multiple designs.
    Color Accuracy: If specific colors need to be matched, especially for corporate branding, communicate this with the printer. DTG can sometimes have limitations with color matching due to the nature of the inkjet technology.
    Event Theme and Audience: Tailor the garment design to resonate with the event's theme and the expected audience. The design should appeal to the attendees and fit the occasion, whether it’s festive, commemorative, or promotional.
    Budget Considerations: DTG can be cost-effective for small runs, but always discuss pricing structures. Some printers might offer discounts for bulk orders, even with DTG.
    Sizing and Quantities: Accurately estimate sizes and quantities to prevent shortages or excessive leftovers. Consider offering a range of sizes to accommodate all participants.


DTG printing offers an excellent solution for custom apparel in Brisbane, suitable for a range of events from professional gatherings to personal celebrations. By keeping the mentioned points in mind, clients can ensure their event printing needs are met effectively, resulting in high-quality, memorable garments that enhance the occasion. Whether planning for a fun run, a corporate event, or a personal gift, DTG printing provides the flexibility and quality required to make a lasting impression.

Guide to Heat Transfer of Jerseys in Brisbane

The Art of Vinyl Heat Transfer on Shirts: An Essential Guide

Mastering the technique of vinyl heat transfer for shirts involves understanding several key elements, from the timing of the printing to the type of garments best suited for this method. Let's dive into the intricacies of this popular customization technique, ensuring your garments not only look spectacular but also stand the test of time.

Understanding Vinyl Heat Transfer

Heat transfer with vinyl involves applying specialized vinyl directly onto a garment using heat and pressure. This method is ideal for both small batch and on-demand printing, as it allows for vibrant, precise designs with a quick turnaround. The process begins by cutting out a design from a colored vinyl, which is then weeded (removal of excess vinyl) and finally heat pressed onto the fabric.

Optimal Timing for Vinyl Heat Transfers

The best time to opt for vinyl heat transfers is when you require a fast production time without compromising on the sharpness of your design. This technique is perfect for event-specific apparel, such as team uniforms or commemorative shirts, where each piece can be personalized efficiently.


Suitable Garments for Heat Transfer

Not all fabrics are suitable for heat transfer; choosing the right garment is crucial. Ideal fabrics include cotton, polyester, and cotton-poly blends. These materials handle the heat well and provide a smooth surface for a clean transfer. Avoid materials that melt or warp under high temperatures, such as sensitive synthetics.

Preferred File Types for Printing

To ensure precision in design, use vector files such as AI (Adobe Illustrator) or EPS (Encapsulated PostScript). These formats allow the design to be scaled without losing clarity, which is essential for the cutting phase of vinyl preparation.

Vinyl heat transfer printing Brisbane

Post-Printing Care Instructions

Aftercare is vital to maintain the quality and longevity of heat transferred garments. Instruct users to wash the garments inside out in cold water and avoid using fabric softeners or bleach. Tumble dry on a low setting and iron the garment inside out, ensuring no direct contact between the iron and the vinyl design.


Vinyl heat transfer is a versatile printing method that offers durability and vibrant color fidelity, making it a top choice for customized apparel projects. Remember, the key to successful heat transfer lies in selecting the right fabric, preparing the design in the correct file format, and following careful aftercare instructions to preserve the garment's look and feel. Whether for a special event or a custom clothing line, vinyl heat transfer can make your shirts stand out in the crowd.

Guide to Screen Printing of T shirts in Brisbane

Unveiling the Art of Screen Printing on ShirtsScreen printing is a popular method used for creating vibrant and durable designs on various garments, especially t-shirts. This technique has been around for centuries, offering a reliable way to produce high-quality printed items. Understanding the intricacies of this process can help in crafting better designs and selecting the appropriate projects for screen printing.

Overview of the Screen Printing Process

    Preparing the Design: The first step involves creating a stencil of the design. Each color in the design requires a separate screen, making the preparation crucial.
    Screen and Frame Setup: A mesh screen is coated with a light-reactive emulsion, onto which the design is transferred. This screen is then exposed to a bright light which hardens the emulsion not covered by the design, creating a stencil.
    Applying the Ink: Screens are placed on the garment and ink is applied on top. A squeegee is used to press the ink through the open areas of the screen onto the fabric.
    Curing the Ink: The ink must be properly cured, often by heat, to ensure it sets and becomes durable.

Screen printing near me Brisbane

Color Complexity and Cost Implications

Screen printing's cost is highly dependent on the number of colors used in the design. Here's why fewer colors mean lower costs:

    Setup Time and Materials: Each color requires a separate screen, so more colors increase preparation time and the materials needed.
    Printing Time: More colors entail additional layers of printing, extending the overall production time.
    Cleanup and Maintenance: More screens mean more cleaning effort and higher maintenance costs.

Limiting the color range not only simplifies the process but also reduces the expense, making large orders more economically feasible.
Ideal Use Cases for Screen Printing

Screen printing shines in scenarios where durability and vibrancy are paramount:

    High-Volume Orders: Due to its setup, screen printing is cost-effective for large batches, making it ideal for events, merchandise, or any situation requiring a high number of garments.
    Bold and Graphic Designs: The technique excels at producing bright and solid colors, perfect for designs that require a high impact.

Suitable Garments for Screen Printing

While screen printing can be applied to a variety of materials, certain fabrics perform better:

    Cotton and Cotton Blends: These materials absorb screen printing inks better and result in vibrant, lasting prints.
    Thick Fabrics: Heavier materials like canvas and denim also work well as they can handle the weight and texture of the inks better.

When to Opt for Screen Printing

Choosing when to use screen printing over other methods depends on several factors:

    Simplicity and Color Limits: For designs that are not overly complex and consist of only a few colors.
    Durability Requirements: When the print needs to withstand heavy wear and washing.
    Budget Constraints: Particularly for orders where keeping costs down is crucial.

Understanding these aspects of screen printing will ensure that your project aligns with your artistic vision and practical requirements. By considering the type of garment, the complexity of the design, and the intended use, you can maximize the effectiveness of this printing method.

Guide to Embroidery of Polos and Hoodies in Brisbane

Choosing the Right Garments for Embroidery

Not all garments are ideal for embroidery. The best choices are typically made from sturdy, heavier materials such as cotton, denim, and polyester blends. These fabrics can support the weight and density of embroidery without stretching or distorting the design. Lighter fabrics, such as thin cotton or silk, are generally not suitable for embroidery as they can pucker or misshape around the stitched areas.

Color Planning in Embroidered Logos

When selecting colors for embroidered logos, it’s crucial to consider contrast and visibility. Choose thread colors that stand out against the fabric to ensure the logo is noticeable and legible. Additionally, it's important to use high-quality, colorfast threads that won’t fade or bleed during washing. Keeping in mind the intended use of the garment and the conditions under which it will be worn can guide color choices effectively.

Custom Shirts with logo embroidered

Ideal Events and Businesses for Embroidered Shirts

Embroidery is often chosen by businesses and events that require a refined and professional appearance. Corporate events, luxury hospitality uniforms, special club attire, and commemorative event clothing are typical candidates for embroidery. This method is preferred over direct-to-garment (DTG) printing when durability and a classic textured look are desired, as embroidery can better withstand heavy use and frequent laundering without losing its appeal.

Turnaround Times for Embroidery Orders

The turnaround time for embroidery orders can vary based on the complexity of the design, the quantity of garments, and the efficiency of the embroidery equipment. Generally, small to medium orders can be completed within 7 to 14 days. However, for larger orders or more intricate designs, the timeline might extend to ensure each piece meets quality standards.

By following these guidelines, businesses can effectively plan and execute an embroidery project that results in beautifully embellished shirts suitable for a variety of professional and celebratory occasions.

What Fabrics Are Best For T Shirt Printing

The Art of Adornment: Diverse Printing Techniques for Apparel

Exploring the realm of fabric printing unveils a tapestry of methods each tailored to enhance different types of clothing. From the humble T-shirt to the versatile hoodie, each garment requires a unique approach to printing that respects its material and use.

Here we will dive into each printing method that suits a different fabric.

Screen Printing: The Classic Touch

    Ideal for: T-shirts, hoodies, and singlets
    Material Compatibility: Works best on cotton and polyester
    Key Characteristics: Offers vibrant, long-lasting colors. Ideal for bulk orders due to its cost-effectiveness when scaling.

Direct to Garment (DTG): Precision and Detail

    Ideal for: All types of casual wear, including T-shirts and singlets
    Material Compatibility: Cotton is the champion here
    Key Characteristics: Perfect for intricate designs with multiple colors. It prints directly on the fabric, allowing for high-resolution details.

Where to get shirts screen printed in Brisbane

Heat Transfer: Versatile and Vibrant

    Ideal for: T-shirts, hoodies, polos, and singlets
    Material Compatibility: Most fabrics, but excels with cotton and polyester
    Key Characteristics: Allows for vibrant, full-color images and is great for small batches. It involves transferring a design via heat, making customization easy and efficient.

Vinyl Cutting: The Durable Detailer

    Ideal for: Numbers and logos on sports jerseys and casual wear
    Material Compatibility: Works well with cotton, polyester, and nylon
    Key Characteristics: Provides a durable and slightly elevated feel. Excellent for designs that require crisp edges and lasting detail.

Embroidery: Elegance and Durability

    Ideal for: Polos and hoodies
    Material Compatibility: Thick materials like cotton blends, polyester, and canvas
    Key Characteristics: Adds texture and a premium feel. Exceptionally durable and suited for professional or upscale designs.

Sublimation Printing: The Innovator’s Choice

    Ideal for: Singlets and sports apparel
    Material Compatibility: Polyester and polymer-coated substrates shine with sublimation
    Key Characteristics: Dye becomes part of the fabric, ensuring designs that are undisturbed by fading or cracking. Ideal for full-color and all-over patterns.

Polyester is one of the best fabrics to use for sublimation. It's flat surface lends itself exceptionally well to dye-sub printing techniques, and its high quality fabric base means that vivid and bright colours are easily achievable.

What T shirts are best for Sublimation | Brisbane

As the textile canvas continues to evolve, so do the methods we use to imprint our creativity onto it. Each printing technique offers its unique flair and functional benefits, making the choice of material just as important as the design itself. Cotton reigns supreme for most methods due to its breathability, durability, and ink receptivity, while polyester offers a sleek canvas for sublimation and heat transfer techniques. By matching the right material with the appropriate printing method, one can achieve both aesthetic allure and practical durability, ensuring that every piece of apparel not only looks spectacular but stands the test of time.

How To Order Custom Printed Shirts Online

Effortless Creativity: The Online T-Shirt Printing Journey

Embarking on the path to creating custom T-shirts online is a journey marked by simplicity and innovation. Initially, a client selects from the main page either a normal turnaround shirt for traditional needs or a Same Day Dispatch shirt for urgent orders. This choice dictates the speed of the process but not the ease or creativity involved.

Navigating through the website's offerings, users effortlessly scroll down to choose their desired shirt style, be it the classic Staple Tee or the sleek Maple Tee. The handy 'Control F' function is a secret weapon, allowing visitors to leap directly to different styles by simply typing the name and tapping the down arrow, cycling through options until the perfect match is found.

Upon selecting a shirt, the real magic happens in the customization window. Here, the process is broken down into intuitive steps:


7 Steps To Ordering Custom Printed Tshirts in Brisbane on Online!

Step 1: Log on to the website and do a control F on the page. Type the style of Tee you want. An example will be “Staple Tee”.

    Step 2: Now click on the Staple Tee icon and hop into the online designer. Here you will see a WYSIWYG editor to the left of this page.

    Step 3: Click on the color palette to select the shirt color. Next adjust the size of shirt to fit you. You can add two or more sizes by clicking the “Add Another Size” tab. You will see a plus icon for this. If you do need to delete a size just click the Minus icon in black.

    Step 4: To the top you will see “Add Design” or Add Text". Using these you can now add text and or images to your print area of the shirt.  By default you will be design the front first. Click the back image to design the back of the shirt.

    Step 5: Once happy with your design click the blue tab that says BUY.
    Step 6: Start inputting your shipping details. Select Express Shipping if you need the shirts urgently.

    Step 7: Check order again.

    Step 8: Pay via PayPal or card. Download receipt.

Its that simple. Call us if you should need help on 0422 442 029

The adventure of design unfolds as users tap into their creative side. By clicking on the tabs to add designs or text, possibilities become limitless. Whether it’s uploading logos, crafting unique images, or typing out text, every addition makes the shirt uniquely theirs. Options to print on just the front or both sides cater to every preference and design ambition.

Satisfied with their bespoke creation, customers can seal their design journey with a click on the radiant Blue Tab labeled ‘Buy’. The next page offers a choice to either continue designing by selecting ‘Start New Design’ or to move straight to checkout and complete the purchase.

Mastering the art of online T-shirt design is more than just following steps; it's about unleashing creativity, mastering tools, and enjoying the simplicity of bringing a personal vision to life.

How long Does It Take To Get A Shirt Printed

You can get shirts printed today (Monday to Friday) as long as the order is placed online before 11am.

Unleashing Creativity with T-Shirt Printing: A Guide to Bulk, Urgent, and Special Occasion Printing

Bulk Printing: Optimizing Cost and Cohesion

Bulk printing is the go-to solution for businesses, organizations, and large groups looking to create a unified look. When planning for bulk printing, consider the quantity—often, the more you print, the less you pay per item. It's crucial to decide whether the shirts will feature designs on the front, back, or multiple sides to accommodate branding or aesthetic requirements. The color palette of your designs should complement the shirt colors to ensure visibility and impact. Remember, for bulk orders, maintaining a consistent file type, like PNG or TIFF, can streamline the printing process and enhance the final product quality.

Urgent Printing: Speed Without Sacrificing Quality

Urgent printing services cater to last-minute needs, perfect for unplanned events or quick turnarounds. Those utilizing this service should be clear about the deadline to ensure timely delivery. It’s advisable to keep designs simple for urgent orders to expedite the printing process. Additionally, specifying the exact date and time when the shirts are needed can help prioritize your order in the production queue. While speed is of the essence, never compromise on the clarity of your requirements to avoid any miscommunication.

Special Occasion Printing: Capturing Memories and Milestones

Special occasion printing adds a personal touch to events like birthdays, weddings, or memorial services. Each event type might influence the design's nature—vibrant and fun for birthdays, elegant and subdued for memorial services. When ordering, consider the emotional tone of the event and choose images and text that resonate with the occasion. Also, think about the longevity of the shirt: is it a keepsake meant to last for years? This can dictate the quality of materials and printing techniques used.

Key Considerations for All Printing Projects:

    Design Placement and Complexity: Decide if your shirts will feature designs on the front, back, or both. Complex multi-sided prints can be more costly.
    Color Coordination: Ensure the design colors stand out against the shirt color. This contrast is vital for the design’s visibility and overall appeal.
    Image Specifications: Use high-resolution images in compatible file types (preferably vector files like AI or high-quality PNG) to ensure the best print quality.
    Purpose and Function: Always align the design and message with the shirt’s intended use, whether for corporate events, casual wear, or commemorative purposes.

Whether you're promoting a brand, celebrating a milestone, or needing a rapid solution for an upcoming event, understanding these elements can ensure your t-shirt printing project's success.

What Quantities Of Shirts Should I Order Online

You can order any amount of shirts. However the decoration or printing method will determine the cost you pay for shirts. Let me explain below.

The Versatility of T-Shirt Printing: Meeting Both Small and Large Orders with Ease

Exploring the domain of custom t-shirt printing unveils a dynamic industry adept at addressing diverse customer needs, from small personal projects to large corporate orders. T-shirt printing embodies a gateway for creativity and expression, making it a popular choice for consumers and businesses alike.

The Craft of Small-Scale T-Shirt Printing

Diving into smaller orders, the approach is intimate and detail-oriented. These orders often stem from individual customers or small groups seeking personalized items for events like family reunions, bachelor parties, or small business promotions.

A compelling example is the use of direct-to-garment (DTG) printing, which allows for high-detail, color-rich designs on a small number of shirts.

This technique shines when dealing with intricate patterns or a wide palette of colors, without necessitating significant setup costs or minimum orders.

How many T shirts should I order in each size for an order in Brisbane

Scaling Up: Handling Large T-Shirt Orders

Shifting gears to large-scale operations, screen printing stands out as the star technique. Ideal for large orders such as merchandise for big events, corporate uniforms, or large promotional campaigns, screen printing offers cost-efficiency at high volumes.

For instance, a music festival organizing team might order thousands of t-shirts featuring the event’s logo and theme. The more shirts printed, the lower the cost per unit, showcasing the scalability of this method.

Hybrid Techniques for Flexibility

Interestingly, some print shops blend techniques to cater to mid-size orders. Heat transfer printing, for example, offers versatility for moderately sized orders, balancing quality and cost.

This method is particularly useful for businesses that need quick turnarounds or have designs that change frequently, such as a monthly special at a cafe or a limited edition release for a local artist.

Expert Tips for T-Shirt Printing Projects

    Know Your Needs: Understanding the purpose of your order—whether for a personal project or a large event—will guide the printing technique and material choice.
    Design Wisely: Simple designs are best for screen printing, whereas complex and colorful images are suited for DTG.
    Material Matters: Choose fabric wisely; cotton is excellent for durability and print quality, especially for DTG.
    Plan Ahead: For large orders, planning well in advance can ensure better pricing and ample time for production trials.

The world of t-shirt printing is as versatile as it is vibrant, equipped to handle any demand thrown its way. Whether you're a small business looking to make a splash or a large corporation outfitting thousands, the right printing technique and a bit of planning can make all the difference. Dive into your next t-shirt printing project with confidence, equipped with these insights and tips to maximize both quality and impact.

T Shirt Printing Brisbane Delivery Options | How To Get Your Printed Shirts

T-Shirt Printing Brisbane Mastery: Timelines and Delivery Insights

Understanding Printing Techniques and Timelines

    DTG Printing: Known for its precision and speed, DTG is ideal for complex designs and can rapidly process orders due to its direct ink application technology.
    Screen Printing: Requires extensive setup, especially with multiple colors, making it slower but excellent for vibrant, long-lasting prints.
    Embroidery: Offers a luxurious, detailed finish but takes longer due to its intricate stitching process.
    Heat Transfer: Involves printing on special paper and transferring with heat. It’s great for vivid colors but adds extra steps to the production time.

Get Shirts Printed Fast Near You In Brisbane

Delivery Options for Every Customer

    Local Pickup in Brisbane:
        Available for Brisbane residents.
        Requires a local address at the time of online ordering.
        Ideal for those nearby who can easily access the pickup location.

    Normal Shipping:
        Starts at $10 per shirt.
        Delivery across Brisbane and Australia.
        Takes 3 to 7 days via national courier services.

    Express Shipping for Urgent Needs:
        Begins at $15 for one shirt, with small increments based on weight.
        Ensures next-day delivery in urban areas or 2 to 5 days in remote regions like the outback.
        Recommended for orders from the Same Day Dispatch page on the website.

These options are designed to accommodate various needs and preferences, ensuring your custom t-shirts arrive just when you need them, tailored perfectly to your schedule and location.

After Care Instructions For Your Printed Shirts

Essential Aftercare for Different T-Shirt Printing Methods

T-shirt printing Brisbane, whether through direct-to-garment (DTG), vinyl, or screen printing, transforms plain shirts into expressions of creativity and style. However, the longevity and vibrancy of these prints depend heavily on proper aftercare. By adhering to specific maintenance guidelines, you can ensure your printed shirts stay as striking as the day they were made.

Direct-to-Garment (DTG) Printing!

DTG printing is known for its ability to produce high-detail, colorful designs directly on fabric. This method uses specialized inks that are absorbed by the fibers of the shirt, making them part of the garment itself.

    Washing: Always wash DTG-printed shirts with cold water. Opt for gentle cycles on your washing machine to prevent the ink from breaking down.

   Drying: Air dry these garments or use the lowest heat setting on your dryer. High temperatures can cause the ink to fade or crack.

  Ironing: If ironing is necessary, avoid direct contact with the printed area. Instead, turn the shirt inside out or place a thin cloth over the design.

 Avoiding Harsh Chemicals: Steer clear of bleach and fabric softeners, as these can degrade the print quality over time.

Vinyl Printing

Vinyl printing involves a heat-pressed vinyl sheet that adheres to the fabric. This method is excellent for bold, graphic designs and is highly durable but requires careful handling to maintain its appearance.

    Washing: Wash vinyl-printed shirts inside out in cold water. This reduces the risk of the vinyl peeling off during the wash cycle.
    Drying: Tumble dry on a low or no-heat setting. Similar to DTG, high heat can warp or even melt the vinyl.
    Ironing: Never iron directly over a vinyl design. Always use a protective layer or iron the shirt inside out to prevent melting the vinyl.
    Storage: Fold these shirts instead of hanging them. Hanging can stretch the fabric and distort the vinyl print.

Screen Printing

Screen printing, the most popular method for high-volume orders, uses stencils and ink to create vibrant designs. These prints are remarkably durable but still benefit from mindful care.

    Washing: Cold water is again the best choice. Wash screen-printed shirts with like colors and inside out to protect the ink from abrasion.
    Drying: Air drying is ideal. If you must use a dryer, choose a low heat setting to prevent the ink from cracking.
    Ironing: Iron on the reverse side of the print to avoid direct heat on the ink, which can cause it to deteriorate.
    Chemical Exposure: Avoid bleach and strong detergents that can break down the ink used in screen printing.

In conclusion, proper aftercare of printed t-shirts significantly extends the life and quality of the print. Regardless of the printing technique—be it DTG, vinyl, or screen printing—the key is to handle these garments with care. Simple steps like washing in cold water, drying on low heat, and avoiding harsh chemicals can keep your custom shirts looking fresh and vibrant for years. Whether you're rocking a personalized tee or sporting a custom design for a special event, following these aftercare tips will ensure your shirt tells its story for as long as possible.

Portfolio of Case Studies of Tshirt Printing Brisbane

Customer Reviews | Tee Shirt Printing Brisbane

Here are a number of testimonials that we have had from customers.

Danielle says ... I work on a cruise ship out of Brisbane. We ordered our cast jackets from here with hoodie printing. Claude worked with us to create the design we wanted and was consistent in response time and price. We are so happy with how they turned out! The print is excellent and quality of the product is amazing! The production was so fast and most of all Claude’s communication and professionalism is exceptional!!! Definitely recommend! Read More

Michael says ... I recently received my custom t shirts from Claude at Custom T Shirts Online and I must say, I am thoroughly impressed! I provided Claude with a picture of my boat logos and he worked his magic to create some incredible artwork. The turnaround time was quick and the quality of the t shirts is outstanding. I highly recommend Claude for any custom t shirt needs you may have. Thank you, Claude, for your amazing work! Read More!

Anita says ... I recently had the pleasure of working with Claude to fix my daughters senior jersey that had its number ripped off in the wash. Since it held such value to my daughter having it restored was so important , and I have to say, I was blown away by the result. Claude took the time to really understand what needed to be done. It was fixed incredibly fast, and the end result was nothing short of amazing. The number was seamlessly reapplied to the jersey, and it looked as good as new. The attention to detail was impressive, and it was clear that they took pride in their work. My daughter was extremely impressed with the end result and it really put her mind at ease that the jersey was so perfectly fixed.

The overall experience I had with Claude and Custom T Shirt Printing Online was nothing short of exceptional, and I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for outstanding quality workmanship and exceptional customer service. Five stars all around! Read More!


Are you living in Brisbane looking to print your own T-shirts or company branded logo merchandise? Well we are a Brisbane based company making prints on garments for over 9 years now. Our designers, artists and printing specialists make the whole Tee shirt printing a breeze for you. We stock a wide range of T-shirts from AS Colour, Gildan, Next Level and American Apparel, giving a customer a wide range to choose from. In addition we help you create your logo branded coffee mugs and cups; branded umbrellas; glass, stainless steel and metal water bottles; pens; scarfs; AS Colour Carrie Bags;  beer coolers and stubby holders for any corportate or club event you coming up.

Moreton Bay Regional Council
Place ID: ChIJjWsYEvLlk2sRcuauSRiBdJQ

How To Customize Your Shirts

Step 1:
Choose an item from our extensive product range below. Make sure you pick the right size of attire, the correct style you need and the color.

design your t shirt for your next event in Brisbane through our company. WE can help you personalize any tee to suit any event you have - school, office functions, company events, school guides, drama or dance events, birthday parties, hens night out t shirts, bucks party shirts, melbourne cup t shirts, pub crawls shirts footie shirts, etc

Pick a great shirt from our range of Tees here. We have many brands such as AS Colour, American Apparel, etc

Pick the right size, colour and style for you or your next event. Ideal for virtual parties

Step 2:
Customise your blank garment or merchandise with our easy Online Designer. You can easily design what you want, where you want it placed in seconds. Very easy to use.

T shirt print fast doe in Brisbane in Queensland Australia

Now its time to start designing your own shirt. Here you should upload an image or place some text on the shirt. Size te image or text. Maybe add colour to TXT and then position it where you like us to print onthe garment.

Make sure the colour contrast are there so the images or TEXT stand out on your shirts

Step 3:
Complete your order. First check to see if the size, color and image is correct. Then proceed to payment. We’ll print & ship it to you within the time frames you specified.

black t shirts women. WE also carry a lot of other colors for ladies and girls in Tees

Now that you designed your shirt please process the order

Once we get the order we will print. The garment can be shipped or collected from our office in Teneriffee.

We are a Brisbane based T shirt custom printing company in Australia. We service the northern suburbs of Brisbane such as - Albany Creek – Arana Hills – Banksia Beach – Beachmere – Bellara – Bongaree – Bray Park – Brendale – Bunya – Burpengary – Caboolture – Caboolture South – Cashmere – Clontarf – Dakabin – Deception Bay – Eatons Hill – Elimbah – Everton Hills – Ferny Hills – Godwin Beach – Griffin - Joyner – Kallangur – Kippa-Ring – Kurwongbah – Lawnton – Mango Hill – Margate – Moodlu – Morayfield – Murrumba Downs – Narangba – Newport – Ningi – North Lakes – Petrie – Redcliffe – Rothwell – Sandstone Point – Scarborough – Strathpine – Upper Caboolture – Warner – Whiteside – Woody Point – Woorim

Now if you are a part of a gym, sporting club or a school we can do T shirts specifically designed with your colors and logos to make you stand out. Our online T shirt design template software helps you to custom design Tees for any special occassion that may be coming up.

We also can help BNI Chapters or Toastmasters to get shirts made. If you having a birthday party, fund raiser or an event just use our company as we do a very good job each time.

All our Tees are printed in Brisbane and our staff can also help you with T shirt design ideas. We have a whole range of T shirt graphics in our online graphic library that is free for you to access if you don't have any graphics on hand right now. You can quite easily add these using our T shirt design app online here.

Now if you can get to Officeworks or Kmart and need an order in a hurry why not ask us at Custom T Shirt Printing to assist you. Our online T shirt design maker is a user frriendly software app that is easy to use and create stunning designs that you can use immediately or save for a future party or event.

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