How To Make Your Custom Made T-Shirts More Effective

How To Make Your Custom Made T-Shirts More Effective

For our printing team to give you the best results in your garments we put together some tips to help you for your next order.

Photo/Image Quality

Always submit high-resolution images to get best results for crisp vibrant images.

Images taken from the internet are most often not good quality. Check with the person who is supplying your images that you want the image to be in its largest dimensions (size) as possible.

Illustrations & text
In case you want to use your own images make sure they are in the vector version. However we can also use high-res images which also be great.
Colour use (screen printing)
    If you're screen printing, it's best to have a think about specifically which PMS colour(s) you'd like to print on.

Our fullfillment center in Brisbane has been printing for over seven years (and counting), so there's a fair bit of experience and muscle memory we apply to each and every print.

If something doesn't look quite right, we'll get in touch to make sure you get the best outcome.

If you have any specific requests or comments, please make a note of it so we know!


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