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How Much Does It Cost To Get A Shirt Printed
What is the price to print a t shirt

How Much Does It Cost To Get A Shirt Printed? Two Examples To Learn More From

You can buy Printed Custom T shirts from $22 upwards. This will depend on the brand and the purpose behind the use of the shirt. Good brands such as a Gildan Tshirts or AS Colour may cost more than just a generic brand from Target or a thrift shop.

If you were to buy a tee shirt for a one-off fun run its ok to just buy something that is cheap under $10 from KMART as you probably never going to use the garment more than a few times. However, if you want something dressy, that drapes well around your body and doesnt loose its lustre nor beauty you probably want to choose wisely when you oufit your wardrobe next.

Buying a Gildan or AS Colour Sweatshirt will give you many wears and will lasts for a very long time. These brands also give the wearer a feeling of sophistication and confidence when they dress in a garment that is comfortable to wear, soft and dressy. So price isnt about how much you pay but rather how much you enjoy the shirt in the future.

Example 1:

The cost of custom printing a Gildan shirt is below

Gildan Heavy Cotton Tee

Medium Size with Printing - one side $22.00
Medium Size with Printing (one side) Urgent $30.00
Shipping $10.00
10% Tax included in cost of garment  


Example 2:


Mens Tarmac Boutique V Neck T Shirt by 'AS Colour'

Cost $27.00
Shipping $9.09
Tax $3.64
Total Billed $40.00


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Average T-shirt Pricing Table

When it comes to printing custom screen printed shirts it works on numbers.

  • The more you buy the less it will cost you in shipping.
  • Shipping starts at $10 for one shirt ordered. Increases on weight

You can buy plain shirts too and its cheaper with no decoration.

When ordering bulk orders we will quote on what the shipping will be.

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  • We will confirm your order that its been received immediately.
  • Your garment will be scheduled to be printed the next day and once shipped an email with a tracking code will be sent immediately to you so you can track your shipment.

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