Video Tutorials On How To Setup Free Customer Account

5 Benefits To Creating Your Own Account...

  1. Have all your artwork in one place for future printing
  2. Save artwork and be able to come back and complete the designing before sending to print
  3. Be able to preview your designs easily before printing
  4. Be able to send your proofs to family, friends for their feedback and approval
  5. Be able to save Layouts and Designs in your own backoffice to access anytime easily without going through the whole design process again and again.

How To Create Your Own Customer Account - Video Tutorial

Under this section you will find both text help files as well as a video tutorial on how to set up your T-shirt account with us. Once you read the steps please watch video before you start designing a shirt. This will make the entire design process a breeze. Enjoy!

Logon to our site at https://customtshirtprintingonline.com.au/

Then follow these steps below ...

  1. In top right hand corner fo website click "REGISTER"
  2. Fill in your personal details such as name, address, phone number and email. Create a password. Click submit and you have your own account now to start uploading images and dsigning your own custom T-shirts.


Its that easy.

The next step is to click on MY ACCOUNT to the TOP RIGHT Corner.

On the next screen your will see your profile page. Please watch the video to learn the various elements of your profile page. Please click "Return to Store" in Top center of the Profile Page to get you started with shirt selection first.

I suggest you now click on a shirt that you like to print.

  • Follow the prompts to upload the image or images. Place these either on the front, back or on both sides.
  • Once happy please click the tiny save icon to the bottom of the page (look at the two images I have placed on this page for you to follow.
  • Name your new layout and save it. You can always go back to this saved layout in future and get reprints if you should need to.

Once happy just click the BUY button and proceed to check out. It's that simple.

Design your own shirts in your customer account

How To Save Your Artwork As A Layout

As you set up and design your first shirt I am going to show you how it gets saved as a layout as well as the image you uploaded or the TEXT deign you created in the Designer gets saved as a layout.

Why Layouts?

The next time you want to print the same design all you need to do is login to your customer account and go to profiles, Click layouts and then edit it and check out and send to printing. As all the work was done previously it saves time and effort the second time. Pretty awesome!

Another good thing is the designs you create all get saved in Your Designs in your customer account, all in one place.

To save a design as a layout just follow these steps below:

  • Click on the shirt of your choice
  • Upload photo on T-shirt outline, size and position it
  • Next click on the tiny Saved Icon to the botton right of screen before check out.
  • Save your Layout with a name so you can recognise it next time you need another shirt done the same way. Each time you bring a saved layout into the design area you can make modifications such as shirt sizes, colours, even add to the design more image or text. It certainly makes your work so much easier having favourite designs saved as layouts.

Check out the video below.

create your own personalised shirts
Funeral shirts printed

How To Use A Saved Layout In A New Print Job

In this tutorial I shall walk you through how to use the saved layout that you saved in the above tutorial and get another print run up and going in minutes without all the fuss of setting up the whole process again.

I also walk you trhough the checkout phase too here.

You definitely enjoy the simplicity of this walk through. Enjoy!

The first step is to login to your account (you should know this by now from the above notes).

I gather that you did save your work as a layout so thats done too. If unsure go back to the previous notes above to refresh.

Now that you have a saved layout its time to find where it lives.

Click on My Account once you login. You will be taken to Your Profile page.

To the left you will see a number of tabs. Two we will focus on here. These are:

  • Designs
  • Saved Layouts

Click on Saved Layouts. You will see your layouts listed on the next page. Click on EDIT to the right of the Saved Layout.

The layout will open in the designer mode. Here you can now do any editing if you require. Once happy proceed to check out.

In case you want to add a second layout just click the big CLOSE or "X" to the top right corner of the page and it will take you to the website. Next click on My Account, then click Saved Layouts to access layouts again. Follow the same process as above and once ready click BUY to check out.

Everything is explained in detail in the video below.

Get shirts printed quickly in Brisbane
Custom shirts printed

How To Drop Ship Your Custom Printed Tee Shirts Directly To Clients

Some of us may have ideas or be talented in designing graphics!

Why not turn those into a small money making business venture.

Get your artwork on T-shirts printed and sold via Inatgram or Facebook Market place.

I am going to share with you how you can do just that.

Get shirts printed with your own designs and shipped directly to your clients.

The will be no sale receipt included in the shipping bag.

Placing Orders For Customers

There are two ways to place orders for customers

Step-1: Create your own account. Then use a new image or if you have already a customer account use a saved layout (check previous videos on how this is done). Then in check out stage just do these three things before paying:

  1. Add your customer details in Step-2 of the check out process
  2. Add your personal or business email where it asks for email (do not add the customer's email)
  3. Tick the box that says " Shipping Address - tick same as
  4. Leave a note for the courier in case you have been instructed by customer. These may be "leave under the bench" or can this order be delivered before "such and such date"

PS: You can name your saved layouts with customer names so it be easy to find for future orders. You can use a naming convention such as CUSTOMERNAME_TYPE(Dog if its a dog graphic)_Date . example: PAUL_SMITH_DOG_20201225.


Step-2: Here you will not logon to the personal customer account you created but just order a shirt to be sent out.

The down side is your artwork will not be saved for a future order in case the customer requests re-prints. I personally like step 1.

Follow these simple steps (the video below is based on step-2) to help manage the order once its in our system to print without creating your own account:

1. Log on to https://customtshirtprintingonline.com.au/

2. Just select a shirt that your client wants and in the deign area upload the graphic he or she ordered to be printed. Then once happy click BUY button.

3. This is where I want you to be careful - in Step 2 of the design/Ordering process you will be asked to fill in shipping details. Fill in the customer details. However add your email instead of the customer's as you want any correspondence from us that includes receipts being sent, to be sent to you not your customer instead.

3. In the section under "Shipping Address" - please select "Same as Billing address"

Once you have done that proceed to the payment page.

What do you do after the order?

  • Once you have ordered the garmensted to be printed you will get a confirmation email. Please take all relevant details except the wholesale price and add it in an email to be sent to your client with your own pricing
  • When you get a email notifying you that the shirts are ready and being shipped please email your clients again.
  • Check in 3 days if the clients have received the shirts.
  • Thats all to building your own drop shipping business

Where can you advertise your new dropping T-shirt business?

  1. On Facebook
  2. On Instagram
  3. Have a shopify store and place ads on Google or FB to promote your designs.

I hope this is helpful and all the best in running your own store.

Watch the video .... Below

PS: For dropshipping orders if urgent use the Same Day Dispatch page.

Your Step By Step Guide To Ordering T-shirts Online

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